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Nothing Accidental About Love (Nalu)

Nalu story with dragon mating, royalty, some fights, and LEMONS. SPOILERS likely! I do not own either fairy tail or the pictures. I will leave watermarks so that you may see who did the amazing work. As everyone SHOULD do! I do not give permission to copy or distribute my fanfiction. The world and characters are not mine but the story is so please respect that! If you have not watched all of fairy tail you need to hop on it! it is amazing. By the way I will not turn Lisanna or Sting into bad guys. I like their characters and do not wish to corrupt then. My updates are kind of long but they are frequent. Also this is my first fanfic I hope you all like it! I'm 27 years old and nervous about finally letting people see my writing.

Kilanna2016 ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings