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To avoid the conflict I removed all yhe chapters.

bluebirdesu · Romance


" I love you, " he said and looked at her, but she didn't look at him, she was looking down. She was avoiding his gaze. " I'm sorry but I can't accept your love because I love someone else, " she said in a low voice. " It's him?" he asked her. " Yes, " she nodded slowly. " Why...why you choose him, why not me, I also love you!!?" he couldn't stop himself from asking this. " Because he has been with me since childhood, he took care of me and my every desire, happiness and always saved me from every trouble, " she told him. She took a deep breath and started again" Nothing is more important to him than me and my happiness. I'm his whole world. His life's purpose is to take care of me, to fulfil my desires and to protect me. You can say that he is my knight." She was still looking down, she didn't dare to lift her head and face him. " Even though I haven't been with you since childhood, but I love you the most. No one can love you more than me. I'm begging you, please, let me be with you, let me take care of you, let me protect you and let me be your knight." he was begging her. When he met her fourteen years ago, he didn't like her at all, but today he started to love her so much that he didn't hesitate to beg her for his love. ..... A few years later... "I heard you are pregnant?" he wanted to confirm but judging by her expression, he found his answer. She lowered her head but his next sentence stunned her. "Abort it," he said calmly. "Wh...why?" she asked, she also stuttered. "Because if you give birth to someone's child, you will never back my side," he explained and then he ordered her "Abort it and come to me," She angrily shouted "No!! I will not abort my child and I will never ever come back to you!!" she stood up and was going to left. He stood up too and stopped her "I'm sorry, please forgive me, just sit back and let's talk," "We have nothing to talk about, let me go!!" she said and took few steps when he held her wrist. "Please forgive me, I shouldn't have said all that. Please sit and eat something, at least a glass of juice, then you can go and after that, I will never bother you." he insisted. She sighed and sat back, he gave her juice "Take this, it's good for your health." She took the glass of juice and drank the whole and then she put the glass on the table "Can I leave now!?" "Not now, you can't go anywhere until your child is separated from your body!!" A maniac smiled appeared on his lips "I added the abortion pill in your juice, now soon you will get miscarriage!" She widened her eyes and covered her mouth with her palm, tears started flowing from her eyes and her whole body was shivering with fear and anger. ***** Note:- Hello readers, my this novel officially belong to "Goodnovel app". So I have removed all chapters of this novel from webnovel. If you like this novel and you want to read it, you can read it in the Goodnovel app with the same title. ***** Note:- Book cover not done by me, it's credit goes to it's the original artist. ***** If you want to ask something about this novel, you can find me on discord by this 'The_Queen_Su#5875'

The_Queen_Su · Contemporary Romance