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The Gods Within Us

What if the world we knew disappeared? What if everything around us changed? A world where useless feelings are a nuisance? Joy, Pleasure, Greed, and Love, all of these disappear. 2021, that was the year it all started. The world, filled with an enormous amount of people. The beloved world, a world of advancement and modernization. As soon as the world continued to this year, everything collapsed. The Era of Death. A name created by none other than, Humans. The mythological creatures we knew of and learned in books appeared. Wiping humans and destroying cities, once by one. The humans we know, the top of the food chain was on the brink of extinction. Some hid, some fought, some trained, some helped, some killed, and some did nothing. The military had no chance of winning against vastly powerful creatures. The government stood no chance to these beings, and that was the trigger to humanity's despair. In just a few years, the world we know of, changed. The cities we once knew had collapsed. Not even nuclear could wipe these monsters. Just like that, everything was back to medieval. The world was divided into territories consisting of different races. New continents and as well as new materials appeared. But as stubborn as humans are, they failed to cease in the world. Others became warriors, some strived to live, some hid, and others changed. The humans were shortened, but those who lived adapted to this new world. But what about Gedeon Tempest? Everything had changed, so what about Gedeon Tempest? The world had changed, a new era had arrived. Now, shall I begin the story of a Legend?

Noc_Tristan ยท Fantasy
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