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Castre Deorum:The Betrated Son

The gods were real. Long ago they watched over humans and protected us, but after the world tree fell the magic was cut off, and so was travel between the realms. And without magic, the gods slowly faded into legend, and the humans took over. They started wars with other races and enslaved the demihumans. The queen of the human empire, the daughter of Poseidon and granddaughter of Zeus, eventually took the throne and improved things. But a prophecy was spoken. It stated that one of her children would bring back the gods and stop the human's rule. So the queen was killed only for her children to escape, how will they survive and bring back the gods?

Lethal_Legend · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Menace To Society

Mary considered herself a normal teenager, sure, she was a bit of twit but who isn't? The people of this new strange world on the other hand consider her a menace to society who seems hellbent on overthrowing their current government. Look, just because she doesn't agree with slaves, even if they are mythical creatures or some shit, that doesn't mean she wants to assassinate their leaders, all right?!

Reclusive · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

tale of the nameless

a story about a boy who grew up in a world of war and magic, working hard and someday conquer the whole world and stop it

Rimuru_Tempest_5402 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings