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Crown Of Evil: The King Of The Gods

In a world far removed from the world of humans, there existed a world even far higter than the beyond, it was "Kingdom of the Gods. "In this world, where all the gods of Greek, Roman and Chinese... mythology lived, there was a god having had achevied a feat that no other gods had yet managed to accomplish. That of hoisting to the top of all the gods, reaching the so coveted throne and becoming the king of the gods. It was Zeus, the god of heaven. But to become the king of the gods, one must have two things. A strength submitting the previous king of the gods and have the trust of all the gods reunited. However, one day, before the birth of his brother's son Hades, Zeus wanted to go see an oracle to read the destiny of this child. However, what the oracle told him had what to make him feel disconcerted. "This child will surpass you and become the next king of the gods. » Such are the words of the oracle. Will this child surpass Zeus ? And will he become the king of the gods ?

KamuiRyotaka · Fantasy
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