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Oppressive System

Humans have survived for thousands of years but within a single month, their entire population was turned to 5 percent of the original amount. The reason? The mythical creatures that lives inside the nature has come to invade the human civilizations. Humanity was on their last legs, when they made a weapon. A weapon that will symbolize humanity's last hope, the God Arc. Of course, a weapon has to be wielded by someone and that is, the God Slayers. Now, meet Michael West, a very ordinary teen who had just gone through his first break up, who lives on our earth. When he was walking down the road after buying a box of ice cream, he was suddenly shot in the head by someone. No one knows who shot him except the one who shot him. Michael fell to the ground with his blood oozing out of his head. After that, he was transported to a world full of mythical monsters. The questions here are, who was the one who shot him? What was his purpose for shooting him? Find out as Michael unfolds his journey in this horrifying world.

Immortal_Overlord ยท Fantasy