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Orc Calamity

Orc Calamity

Phillip is more than downtrodden. Born with only his sister, he is as poor as it can get in the Kingdom of Chadia. After tragedy, after tragedy hits his life, he only preserved in the memory of his sister. Forsaken, shunned, and schemed against, Phillip is known as the wretch, the pig, the oaf, and many other names by his co-workers, his neighbors, his former school mates... Let's follow Phillip as he attempts to live his life, and see if it is worth living... Because everything isn't always what it seems.

Voidmirage · Fantasy


Every 25 years a ceremony is held where heirs to noble families gather and, according to their power levels, are granted mythical animals by the gods of the land. However, during one such ceremony, as Elvin steps up to the stage, the heir to weakest of all families...a sudden roar rings through the heavens and wings the cover the sky. He has been granted a dragon! This is his journey as he then sets out on a path to claim the Throne in the Tournament of Kings. If he can win the tournament in a year, he can overthrow the current King, his father, and finally get vengeance for his mother. But will it be that easy? With ten other contenders all bearing similarly legendary creatures, and all of them hungry for the same throne. Will even a Dragon be enough to beat them all?

MarkAlta · Fantasy
Not enough ratings