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Animal Lover Across the Multiverse

Animal Lover Across the Multiverse

Mc is an animal lover. Mc dies saving a puppy from Truck-kun. Mc gets wishes from Truck-kun. Mc reincarnates and goes around the multiverse collecting and befriending numerous magic and mythical beasts. Simple, right? [If you wish to recommend worlds, please do so. Thank you.]

York_Armring · Anime & Comics
Chimera Wandering the Dead Roads

Chimera Wandering the Dead Roads

Discord if you want to join: https://discord.gg/FuzkPfR If you wanna give me money for food since I run out a week before the next month: https://www.ko-fi.com/biazarchimera# I'm not a great writer or anything hell I can barely English my own English! Quality will go up and down a lot but I'm just trying to be entertaining in a free way. This books title is basically saying I'll be going to worlds that are less wrote about but their things I've heard of or know about a bit. There are a few random fetishes mixed in but its not really done much. Skips are frequent since people are sometimes known to just go right to the action. I own nothing of this series or any original characters from it that show up! Well except for Biazar, thats basically me I guess. Plus incase i forgot this some how I'm writing this freely my way so sorry if you don't like some things. This is also the longest thing I've worked on for a while so thats an achievement in of its self.

Biazar_Kizer · TV
Go read the Traitor of Asgard, it's the real novel now.

Go read the Traitor of Asgard, it's the real novel now.

In a world where one can gain power by writing their Saga by fighting or by a special action. Ragnar will show at everyone that a nobody can also be someone who is strong. Chapter: Tuesday/Sunday

Midir_Nisba · Video Games
Not enough ratings