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Arthur x angel (oc)

You’re a 21 year old girl named angel, who is currently living with her mother and twin brother kolruin. You have no father since your mother always tells you that he died before you were born. You are unknown to your abilities that you gained when you were little with your brother but since then your other saw something else in you the kind she didn’t want as a daughter. It didn’t take long for her to start getting violent with you since your transformation is different to your brothers something he’s jealous of the most..... the power. You and kolruin are both half ghost but never got the chance to find out which kind you were until you met the mystery skulls that is. You develop feelings for the cute cowardly mechanic who seemed very fond of you making you both really connected as buds. He was shy as you were uncommitted to communicate sometimes with others from scary things in your past with your mother. Your brother over time was beginning to act a bit like your mother with the attitude and threats of violence but he wouldn’t hurt you in any way which was good.

Mitch_williams · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings