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Earthling in Uncharted Dimensions

(Check out my other work, 'A Dersireless Agelong Migrant'.) Young monk Lee Shen of Kathmandu ends up in a different dimension! He became the first person to enter a dimension unknown to earthlings. Through a fortuitous encounter, he got bound with a soul which introduced itself as the Sovereign of the Dimension. After analysing Lee's memory, the soul metamorphosises into a sentient system! And believe me, this is one system you would wish to have!! Here, the eastern fantasy of Qi meets the western fantasy of Mana! Dwarves join sects and cultivators join guilds! In a planet with 20 realms of Qi Cultivation and Mana mastery with 10 levels of progression, the lives you can live are plenty. Join the adventure of Lee Shen, as he unlocks his memories, while the sentient system empowers his journey! Read as he simultaneously cultivates and masters! Track his actions as he unravels the most horrifying secret behind the existence of multiple dimensions! Witness the multidimensional world through his eyes! To all readers, if you didn't like the initial progression, you could just skip to chapter 335. (This novel will be a long run, so the doubts and question mark popping up in your head will be eventually clarified. Please be patient and I assure you a beautiful work to read.) (I repeat, the MC was a monk and the character creation is not done without any homework. Please don't assume that the MC or the story progression is flawed. This is not a conventional story.) (Please note that the 3rd chap, unfortunately, comes after the 6th one. I apologise for the inconvenience.) (The cover was of free source, and I edited it.)

UtopianLegend ยท Fantasy