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Hacking The Universe

What if everything was coded. DNA, living organism, the universe and its laws. What if somebody, in a very distant planet, could see the code of life itself, change it, and change the destiny of the cosmos. Becoming the shadow. The one that controls everything behind the curtains. A mysterious power that may be beyond what he imagined as he searches for a truth that he long has questioned. A feeling surrounds him. A feeling of wanting to read it, read the code's of the universe, as he learns the beautiful dynamics and effects it has to existence. However later he finds a curse that follows him, and taints the universe itself. A bug? The galactic federations and upper echelons are starting to realize, something that will shock every one through the galaxies. With that power, what would he do. Would he rise, as a galactic emperor, become god? What if its much more complicated then that, what if right now, its mystery is more then they can imagine.

HackingSpace ยท Sci-fi
Not enough ratings