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Meant to be but will never be

Growing up for Tammy was never easy because everything she had she had to work hard for it.which was never an easy thing to do considering she had school as well to deal with and an uncle to bribe to be her guardian so she won't be shifted to foster care.what happens years later when she faces the hard battle of her life being married to a stranger and it's not even a drunken night at Vegas, nope she got married in her dreams and woke up with a gigantic ring that was stuck on her finger. Dean was raised in a group home with about 10 other teenagers but one stood out Laura his childhood sweetheart they knew each other since they were twelve, started dating when they were fourteen and she fell pregnant when she was 17 and died in a freak accident were nobody got even a scratch but she was unrecognizable since that day Dean sweared off love. what happens when he wake up day after a wedding dream and has a wedding band stuck on his finger.

mangi_0707 ยท Contemporary Romance
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