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The One Who Dreams Of Becoming king

Who killed the king? It could have been none other than .. A boy who grows older with questions and as he grows older so does his questions. I know nothing about my past, not even my mother’s or father’s names. So why do I hear voices of people crying out in pain and agony when I dream. These are the questions I seek out, but with one role I can answer them all, that role, no my role is To Become King!.

Lavellwolf_12 · Fantasy

Neko's need love too~

⚠NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN⚠ A small, 18 year old, self centered, selfish, childish, aggressive, disobedient, messy, romantic, perverted, occasional suck-up, and absolutely adorable Neko desperately wants both sexual and emotional love from the wealthy Mistress that owns her, though she will never reciprocates the feelings... or will she? Will she get the love she wants? Or will her Mistress be gone to soon?

Daoist850930 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

All there was, Deep black darkness

I was born in darkness. Where will that darkness lead me

SadJack · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Rudolph’s Story

Twenty-three years ago in the harsh winter of 1999, the Sanguis Warfare broke out; between pure humans and Wolcavans. I was called to front and so was my best friend Jedediah Grove, leaving my wife Jaylynn at my hometown, Celafa, Sebala. Twenty-three years ago, my life changed drastically.

Livia_West · Fantasy
Not enough ratings