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The Strongest Master

An Archery teacher, Shin, was always underestimated due to his weapon specialization. But he did not care about what other people think of him as if their thoughts are just nothing to him. Suddenly appearing, from an unknown origin, and with no other information gathered about him except for the ones he had told them. Shin is a person shrouded with mystery and because of a certain accidents, his secrets are about to surface into the light. --- WARNING! Chapter Length will be short but it will range from 500 - 1000+ words. I am a really new writer and I am just letting my imagination run wild. Please help me with the plot holes and make the story better. Thanks for reading.

_Bystander · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Treasures of Valeria

Thousands of years ago, there was once a great civilization, an ancient race of powerful beings called The Valerians. Now, it became a mere legend Isabelle a young woman neither an elf nor a human, a failure of a mage soon change after a fortunate encounter with the mysterious masked alchemist Balthazar. Darkness draws close as the remnants of Valeria started to appear and at the hands of evil doers. Dragged in Balthazar's long time quest. Isabelle was determined to find the greatest treasure of Valeria. The race to find artifacts begins.

NappingUncle · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Rebirth: Unsuccessful Mentor

Aron Clark: The Unsuccessful Mentor. A Genius Scientist. Aron Clark was the Leading Climate Change Researcher in the Whole World. Till 2020, that is. He had predicted at the doom of Earth if humans continued our shenanigans at the current rate, Earth would be doomed by 2300 in most of the countries and wrote many theses on how to prevent that. But, After a certain Dumb President had 'fired' his department of researchers, he did not have the access to the super computers and other equipments. He couldn't predict accurately anymore. He started writing reports on the internet as a hobby. He had enough money to live for the rest of his life. But somewhere in his heart, he wanted to work. The government started enforcing various projects which, even without his level of intellect, he could predict that it would bring the Doom Day nearer. He tried to spread the information to as many people as possible. He tried to reach as many people as possible. All for a naught. Most didn't listen. Some did listen but were brainwashed by the Government. All the blogs he wrote were removed. His I/P address was banned. His bank accounts were seized. He was arrested on the charge of: [ Crime: 1st Grade Treason ] [ Details: Spreading blasphemous information, attempting to bring huge losses to the nation ] [ Punishment: Execution by Electric Chair ] Read the story to learn more.

tezz · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings