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Surviving the apocalypse as a werewolf! BL/Yaoi

Surviving the apocalypse as a werewolf! BL/Yaoi

Three years in the zombie apocalypse and all resources starts to become scarce and expired; especially for me, one of those who did not live as a Camper, but as a Wanderer, going to place to place in search for food. All because I was not accepted in any of them…Because of the companion I have, my dog Kira. And being winter didn’t help either as I run out of food, especially with a hungry dog accompanying me. All was just… the worst. So I have to take measures at hand and do something… rather stupid. And that… changed everything. Because I met him. *** MC(Main Character) ML (Male Lead/couple) MC: I told you to stay away! You stupid wolf! ML: *croakes head, aproaches sniffing anyway* MC: Y-you! D-don’t lick me, that is disguting! ML: *smirks with his snout and ignores the protests* *** **Mature content** BL(Boys love) This book contains explicit sex, gore, strong language, mysophobia and Fury action between men; and a cute doggo. PS.This is the second book from the series Surviving the apocalypse as…!, but can be read as a stand alone.

VCris · LGBT+
Love Me, Don't Touch Me

Love Me, Don't Touch Me

When love and friendship are the perfect cure. Engaged to her Korean foreign exchange student boyfriend, 22 year old Abby moved to Seoul, South Korea. She had thought he was "THE ONE", that they would have a family and grow old together. Life however had different plans for her. Just weeks before her wedding she got into a car accident that changed her life in more ways than one. Due to the trauma caused by the car accident, Abby became an Agoraphobe. Just leaving her house scared her and she could no longer live as she used to. Because of her changes her fiance chose to abandon her. That abandonment from the one she loved most made her believe that no one could ever love her as she was. As she not only was Agoraphobic but had also become a Germophobe as an effect from the global pandemic known as COVID-19. Six years she spent in solitude, confined to her apartment. Although she worked hard in getting over her fears, things were just never that easy. It wasn't until she received help from a magical tree that her life would change. Anyone's life would if they've suddenly switched bodies with a Kpop idol!

A_H_Alonso · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings