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The Fallen Mate

Sequel to Mated to a Werecat Please read book 1 first before reading this one. Lucifer was casted down to earth eons ago. He's been wondering around, creating a strong kingdom in the Morinrich Forest. He has always hoped to be blessed with a mate, for having to watch those around him find theirs as he rules a kingdom alone. Zephyr Collins, the next alpha to rule the Filtrian Pack, is a senior in high school. At 17, he finds out that he's mates with his guider and all time best friend Derek Steele. His mother, Iris Lace, has yet to return and it's taking a toll on his father, Maxwell Collins. Derek Steele is Zephyr's guider. He's been a great help to Maxwell since Iris has been gone for the past 17 years since the battle against his childhood best friend, Lucius. At the age of 29, he becomes mates with Zephyr and was totally okay with being with the Luna of the pack until he is called by Nyx and Luna to come with them to the Morinrich Forest. And that's when they met Lucifer.

Lu_Vixen18 ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings