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Now, where am I?

Now, where am I?

Kyle is your regular student in college, loves to be with himself but no so much. Still virgin, whenever found a girl just FRIENDZONED. One day he was just on his way to home, crossing the road. Unknown to him a bottle of beer just fell on his head taking his life. God gave him compensation for his mistake and grants him 6 wishes but he has to do some of his missions and then he can live his rest of life there before moving onto a new mission. Join Kyle in his adventure to the multiverse. This is going to be a long story so hold your seats. I do not own anything other then my OC. The characters of there respective world are owned by there creater. The series will go on through several world. I haven't decided anything specific. I will just vote it out. There could be harem not thought much about that. I have read a fanfic 'My Marvel Reincarnation' but is incomplete. I am using the story to set my plot. First 14 to 15 chapters are used for setting up the plot so it might be same like the one mentioned but it will change drastically after that.

wheretonow · Realistic Fiction