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Héroes I: Aiden

Tres amigos, un don cada uno. Un gobierno obsesionado con el control. Una sociedad perdida. Un escape para vivir.

AndoDivagando · Ciencia ficción
Not enough ratings


Would you believe me if I told you that not long ago, one of the greatest atrocities came to light and the worst thing is that all of this was done by and for humans; I honestly don't know if I would believe it, but the reality is that all of this is true. A few years ago, recordings, videos, work and more were spread about the experiments that the pharmaceutical industry "Initium novum" experimented with altering the DNA of a person with that of an animal, because they were determined to create a perfect being to track , kill, obey; they named them "New Species." As soon as the news spread, everything possible was done to save those people and reintegrate them into society, my parents are some of those people, they now lead the "libertas" association that is in charge of helping and protecting the New species; all this happened when I was barely 7 years old. Now they live among us. This is where my story begins with Exton Schwarz, a boy from the New Species.

Paupau_sn · Teen
Not enough ratings