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Growing up together can make you blind to someone's feelings towards you. This is the case for Sahara, her best friend Warner comes to the realization that he wants more from her than being 'just friends'. *Slow start. Picks up around Chapter 3* Sahara 'If I'm being 100% truthful with myself, my heart flutters every time I hear his ringtone, it happens right along with the shame and guilt that I feel. Stupid. Yes, I know it is, but I can't stop my heart from feeling the way it does. Hence the reason for that particular song. I stare at my phone while it rings. It stops. He won't leave a voicemail he's just not one of those people.' Warner 'Have you ever heard someone say 'I felt like we were the only 2 people in the world', well I just got a taste of what that feels like. There are way more people staring at us than I care to have, The Twins included. But the thing is... I just realized other people were still here. She turns around. Her cheeks are red. The image has been burned into my memory bank of 'Angel Related Things'.'

KDJac · Contemporary Romance
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