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Strains of Love

Once a wise person said, " It is not your dream if you have never thought about giving up on it even once." Yerin Baek, a sixteen years old girl, who have been leading a life on the strings of her mother, Hana Baek. Ever since she was a little girl all she could do was what her mother wanted her to. It was as if she was being captivated in a black and white movie where her role had been already set even before her birth but in this black and white movie, she was not alone. Her butler, Mr Lee was her only ray of hope who had sacrificed his dreams to help Yerin find her own. Every time Yerin made a mistake, Mr Lee had to go through the pain which made Yerin never dare to question her mother or stand against her. But the sun starts to rise from west when the year of junior highschool begins for Yerin. Her crazy encounter with the handsome and talented members of her school band unexpectedly makes a dramatic turn in her black and white movie. What was that dramatic turn? Will it be possible for Yerin to overcome her fear and stand against her mother? A high school musical story about a teen girl, who confront many odds in her life to accomplish her dream of being a singer with the help of her loved ones against her mother who wants her to take over the company. A story about a sixteen years old girl, who encounters an unfamiliar emotion for the first time in her life. The emotion of love, when she falls for one of the most handsome and smart seniors of her school. They say first love always swims in the ocean of unrequited love. What will happen in case of Yerin? Will she be able to win the heart of her love?

furry_rin · Teen
Not enough ratings

LAKMH Secret

"J'ai décidé de créer un nouveau groupe de musique et je veux que ma sœur en soit le manager." Dès qu'il a dit cette phrase, tout a totalement changé ... ----- Lawrence et Ylanie sont un frère et une sœur d'une célèbre famille composée. Lawrence rêve de devenir le leader d'un groupe de musique inspiré de la K-pop tandis qu'Ylanie rêve de manager un groupe de musique. Sauf que ce n'est vraiment pas gagné ... Tout le monde ne les prend pas au sérieux et encore moins le président de l'entreprise où il travaille. Sauf le jour où Lawrence se met en colère ... C'est à partir de ce moment qu'ils vivront une expérience incroyable ... Histoire complètement fictive avec certains personnages qui seront réels :)

JusteK4 · Teen
Not enough ratings