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Global School of Musical Arts

Just an average teen who just happens to be a famous female celebrity's daughter got into a world renowned music institute to fulfill her mom's death wish. But she wasn't excited for what was to come because of the scars of her past in NYC and having to see her old batch mates . Will she make it through this year without running into troubles like her previous self? Will she find love in the most hopeless places? That's something you would have to see for yourself.

Suck_My_Popsicle · Teen
Not enough ratings

Hate Your Voice But Love You

"Hendrix..." Why the sudden change on her pitch and who is she to call me by my name? What kind of drugs did she take? " Uhmm.. what?" I mumbled because the tension is so awkward. What should I do? "You know people tend to hate someone because they actually liked them." This is a different Amy, she doesn't look at me, instead, she is facing the floor. What is wrong with this girl? "So..... why are you telling me that?" "Because I liked you Hendrix....." What?! Are you insane? You keep glaring at me lately, telling me that I am a fake bastard. I was flattered at the same time, but it seems wrong Amy likes me. We've only met yesterday. I am Hendrix Celeste and I don't like music. I have "Severe Musical Anhedonia", a neurological disorder that make my brain hates music. And now this girl, Amy, a crazy judgemental girl are messing with me and suspicious of my involvement with music. I had a peaceful life during highschool days pretending I am normal for my family's name in the music industry. Now a random girl is ruining my plan; to pleased my parents just once. ———————————————————————— All mentioned characters, places, neurological disorders, and events are purely fictional. Intended for the story only.

Soltang · Teen
Not enough ratings

Till The Last Lyric

Seon Hana has transferred to a prestigious music academy and finds even in her first few days of being here how different this school is. Not only is it filled with talented students that are expected to go off and do great things, but it also holds one of the most famous bands around who have just returned from a world tour. And somehow their paths collide. When a member of the band hears Hana has joined, who is a daughter of a famous old idol, he forces her to help them write a new song that helps with their final grade since they are not known for their lyrics but when she refuses since she has agreed to write a song with another student not only does her appearance begin to change for going against them but everything around her does as people begin to try and sabotage her chances of graduating at all. The band controls the school and for going against them - she has made a big mistake. But when Hana shows she won’t be taken down without a fight and will perform at the end of year festival, she pledges a war back but along the way, not only does she grow close to a member of the band but also another famous student, a love battle soon begins alongside and Hana must fight another war to secure her place.

DarcyHan · Teen
Not enough ratings