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Flow of time

When Dheer signed the "one-year marriage contract" he didn't know that it would be the regret of his life...If he had known he would have made it a lifetime contract. But a dream stopped him from making more mistakes. Dreams are now guiding him to make the right decisions. Will he be able to change the flow of time with the help of those dreams? "Stop staring Dheer. You're gonna bore a hole on her face" Elisa growled. "I can't... She's looking too beautiful today and attracting all that unwanted attention from unwanted people" Dheer frowned. "It's her friend Dheer, and they are just having a chat there" "How can she smile that way towards other men. It's unacceptable. She's never shown that smile towards me except for those in my dreams" Dheer grumbled. "Yes, and those dreams are your future and you know it. You just have to win her heart for that future to happen" "You bet. I'll make sure that each and every one of my dreams about us being together will come true. I'll change the flow of time and make sure that my first dream will never come true" he was determined to never lose her.

Dwarika ยท Romance
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