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Murder At Carnage High

A boy wakes up unaware of his surroundings. Unaware of who is around him, and unaware of who he is his and where he came from. He must fight his way through a dangerous killing game without getting killed himself, and at the same time, must find and uncover who the killers of each other are. How does one escape when the only way to escape is by killing each other? Discord server: https://discord.gg/zHVVf9Xm95 *ALL NAMES AND ALL CHARACTERS ARE ENTIRELY FICTIONAL, WHILE THE NAMES OF THE CHARACTERS MAY INTENTIONALLY BE THE SAME AS SOME OTHERS NAMES, THEIR BACKSTORIES AND EVENTS THAT HAPPEN TO THEM IN THIS STORY ARE ALL FICTIONAL AND NOT REAL!

lovemcstuff ยท Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings