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In Love Across the Multiverse

What would you do if a handsome stranger claimed to be your husband? Penelope Logan wakes up after an accident and has no idea who Roman Cross is or what is going on but one thing is certain: this is not her world! Everything here is better from her job to her doting husband but she knows none of it belongs to her. Why do parallel worlds have to be so tempting?! *Cover art by polkadottedscrunchie*

Mcllorycat · Fantasy Romance

My Multiverse Trip

Reincarnation? Wishes? A System? Magic? Harem? Pudding? This story has all of those. Multiverse travel, kingdom building, fan boy dreams come true in this wild story starting in the Harry Potter world. Instantly op character? nope. sharingan at the start? nope. shameless Mc? yep. shameless comedy? yep. NTR. nope. Just to let everyone know this is my first story English is my native language I planned 0 chapters in this whole book and I literally started writing it because I simple wanted to read it myself. It contains parts from bringing the farm to another world, shadow hack, and supreme Anime system. leave any advice you want I read all comments and try to take them into account. (disclaimer I only own my characters I personally make) also there will be some grammar errors and some plot holes think of this as a rough draft I'm just winging it basically at this point lol doing well so far tho I plan to go back later to fix small things like speech and paragraphs sometimes I miss things. be gentle it's my first time.

Ryan_Colman · Fantasy

Ghost Rider Through the Multiverse

What would you do if you were betrayed? Would you wallow in self-pity or would you seek VENGEANCE? Vengeance is something so many innocents wish for but don't receive and so that's why our mc is going to deliver what is long overdue. .... Just thought that I would add; I dont have a schedule and this is purely for fun. I have a general idea of how I want the story to go, but I will still need to think of the events leading to those points and might take a while to do so. Planned Worlds: One Piece MHA ... DXD ??? (Probably a few randoms) ATG Disclaimer: I don't own any of the original works that appear.

PassiveAtom5140 · Fantasy

Knights Multiverse

A boy is raised in a dark and impoverished environment from birth. He realizes the unfairness of the world from an earlier age than most. As he begins to grow older, he decides that he doesn't want anyone else to go through what he did. But the world is a big place, and there are situations that can be far worse than what he could ever imagine. As he fights his way through dark organizations, republics, wars, and even the gods themselves, our main protagonist comes to see just how shallow his dream really is. Is it even possible to achieve such a thing? But the answer to that is far away, past even the largest countries, or even the largest planets. The core of good and evil itself lies at the origin of all things. Beyond the barrier.

officialknight · Fantasy

in the multiverse as a dreamer

I do not own any of the worlds or characters that are used in this self insert except my oc and I will not be 100% accurate to the worlds or characters. this is a combination of 2 games and a novel that i have enjoyed. Warframe...Starcraft...Costume made demon lord system ...and any world I will visit in the future in this self insert .

DaoistqemBat · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

The Multiverse System

[WELCOME TO THE MULTIVERSE SYSTEM.] [USER NAME: THOMAS NOLAND]…. What if, every time you made a significant decision, a new, alternate reality or universe was created—the life that would have occurred had you made the other choice? What if those realities/universes were jeopardized? What if it's up to you to keep those realities/universes alive? Thomas Noland, also known as Tom, is a typical fifteen-year-old boy until a strange letter arrives in his mailbox. The letter, postmarked from Alsace and cryptically signed with the initials "M.S," informs Tom that dangerous—perhaps even lethal—events have been set in motion, which may result in the destruction of reality/universe itself. M.S. promises to send Tom 12 riddles that will reveal something extraordinary that will happen on a specific day, time, and location. Will Tom have the courage to partake in this wild goose chase? Will he be able to solve those riddles? What choice will he make? Quit? or Solve?   Another volume of the intriguing children's and young adult fantasy series, THE MULTIVERSE SYSTEM, is filled with adventures, riddles, and um—danger too. What do you think about this universe and realities? Tom was warned that a dangerous event was coming his way. Will you join Tom on this wonderful journey through the multiverse system? What would be your choice?     Also the author of “The Cursed Chaos" on Amazon.

Jeremiah_Olisa · Fantasy

Laws of the Multiverse

Salem Argenti was an incredibly intelligent boy. Up until he was murdered. After he died, he awoke in a parallel universe of unending opportunity, and unending danger as well... Note: Chapters are published as often as I can manage, but will always be published at 12:00 P M. PST. Check out Faultline and Soul Reaper, both of which occur at the same time.

Fernein · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Ilan Burke - Multiverse

Ilan was transmigrated in Harry Potter World. *Some grammatical errors (English is my third language) *The Mc will be OP (Overpower), so if you don’t like, don’t try it *Harem (not a big one), BL is a no go (you can copy and paste and do you BL version) *Starting like a playboy *Multiple Worlds *Hard to know when i can update *Some copy and paste i don't own bla bla bla ... you know what i mean

MH_Junior · Fantasy