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Rise Of The Dark Heaven's Emperor

" In the face of overwhelming power...... sentiment and vengefulness are meaningless. Everything is." A young boy name Ye Yuan's soul got transmitted into a new world and in a new body after dying on earth. after spending some time on the new planet, ye yuan learns that without power you are nothing in this world people will crush you like an ant, and nobody will show sympathy to you. Everyone either will be bullying you or criticizing you. Sometimes even your family members will try to get rid of you. After learning and experiencing the harsh truth of this world Ye Yuan decided to go on an adventure to reach Martial Peak in a world filled with unknown creatures, difficult paths, gods, monsters, demons, devils, elves, and angles. Watch his journey as he reaches Martial Peak with his extraordinary talent, hard work, and his supreme inheritance as he crushes everyone who stood in his path. watch him become the Heaven's Dark Emperor, The Ruler of Darkness who devours everything even light.

JVG_ACE ยท Eastern Fantasy
Not enough ratings