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The three siblings reborn as the villainous trio.

Kuro, juvia, and yukio lived an okay lives in their book. The oldest sibling helping fix famous romance game that was base off a book of her's and a part-time childcare teacher. The second oldest being a rise staring model and desinger. Lastly the youngest of the sibling being successful being ceo of their parent's business while being a very good cook. Sadly they all died. Died at different times and reborn at different times but reborn as the famous villainous trio in a bloody horrible harem romance game that the oldest sibling was trying to fix where all of them died from the female lead and her harem. However they didn't care about it at the time since they are trying to successful run away from the all demon slave camp. Will they change their paths for the peace of the world or drown the earth with chaos and despair.

Tiredlaladays ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings