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Castle Of Evil Hero

Imperial Xian Family falls By Hands of their Own Supreme commander. watching his parent's death, betrayal of Little sister, and his own people laughing at him. Disgusted, Xian Ying Takes his own life. Xian Ying hears a voice after remembering his life on earth in Apocalypse, He now has two lives memories. Living two chaotic Lives, he gives up and rests in an unknown space but was thrown out with a mission. Naming the mission giver a 'damnable creature', He arrives back at his second life. Xian Ying: oh oh! see here I fucking need to clean the Royal palace first and then what? I need to save those too who betrayed me, You damnable creature watch me clean this freaking world of yours. Daring to make me, the leader of the world's best assassin guild's leader does this hateful stuff, I will take revenge and then go to hell to save them. Lei Zhelan: I am being forgotten... I am a Male lead Thank You. unknowingly becoming a Rare and run's away. While on run along with his four guards from the earth, the form's Zodiac The New supreme commander was made to chase his supposed fiance, with him away too many chaotic things happen but Xian Ying: hah! Let's save the day once again. I am supposed to be the killer but now I will be saving am I an Evil Hero? **** The Cover doesn't belong to me. Also Lesbian with normal couples side stories. Main couple Mc: Xian Ying ( bottom/uke/shou) and Ml: Lei Zhelan (Top/Seme/gong). Mature contents after half way so read it or leave it. Have Fun Anyway... Oh, also our narrator'damnable creature' will also add jokes with ML.

Velester · Fantasy
Not enough ratings