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Her Young Amorous Husband

Many say love is a fleeting emotion, but to them, love is an amorous devotion. . . . "Sweetheart, aren't you a bit too much?" He bit out raspy whisper and graced her eyes with his sensuous smile. "Wanting to own me all by yourself." "I'm not a man one woman could possess." The mature lady pressed herself against his towering frame, pinning him on the wall. She took his tie in her hand and pulled him down. "You're despicable." She breathed upon his well-defined features. "I've always said I'm not sharing my possession." Her seething eyes darted from his sinful lips which was painted by the smearing lipstick of that slutty actress down to his neck and well-chiseled collarbone which she could find a lot of swollen love bites upon them. The mature lady vowed to put that lowly scarlet who dared to lay her dirty hands on what is hers in her rightful place, once and for all but right now she had to deal with this young amorous lover of hers. "Tell me." Her voice dropped low as a menacing smile glaciated her ethereal countenance. Her eyes darkening with daunting gloom. "What shall be done to you?" . . . Meet The Finest Womanizer, Julian Long. The epitome of wet dream and an amorous man who doesn't do love and commitment. Meet The Mature Chairwoman, Cassandra Qin. Empress among women and a single mother whose heart was long frozen to any heat of intimacy. They were never supposed to meet, yet amorous fate brought them together. Two faced, full of himself, deviously attractive, suave gentleman, seductive and noble born. He was used to get everything he desires. Everything, except love. Mature, graceful, sophisticated, strong willed, hard hearted and possessive. She believed her love was long gone along with the one who was very dear to her. This is the story about them, a mature possessive woman and a younger man womanizer, who get very lost in their passionate yet loveless relationship. . . . Note: DIRTY ROMANCE with touch of drama. Told from male and female viewpoints. Both Leads are dominant. Original story by me.

BlaccLotus ยท Contemporary Romance