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The Devilish CEO

The Devilish CEO

There is a tale that a Devil Young Man, who owns a Candy Truck, processed the human flesh into Candies. Whenever and Whoever the Truck passed by, they were snatch and surprised nowhere to find, and who may know this person forgotten by all. This story was attached to the richest person in this world Where his named scared most of the children... SEAN HERALD... the devil Young Man. No one control him, no one dare to provoke him. Then at the young age, he control things that doesn't anticipated by others. He is the man behind the 72% owner of the business monopoly of the World. @International_Pen Hi there Readers, thank you once again for Patronizing my Novels TAGALOG NOVELS: 1. The Devilish CEO ( Completed ) 2. Your Stranger ( Completed ) 3. Your Lucky Charm (Completed ) 4. Doctor Alucard Treasure (Ongoing) ENGLISH NOVEL 1. Dearly Possessive Sweet Love ( Ongoing ) 2. The Devilish CEO ( English ) ( Upcoming ) Thank you so much

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