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More Than They Think I Am

Princess Althea thinks turning 21 means she'll finally be her own woman and earn the love and respect of her mother. What she doesn't know is that her birthday, meeting a strange man will trigger a chain of events that will forever change her life. Ace doesn't expect to meet a strange woman in the night but coincidents happen, right? But when this woman is all over the place, maybe she can be his redemption? Maybe even something more? WARNING: Story contains scenes of rape and sexual harassment. Ughhhhhh! My blurb is terrible. Just read the story. You'll like it. Promise.

I_heart_mhee · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

The Purpose of Us

When Ahliyah's mother gets sick, she's forced to move back to Florida to make something of her self. Moving back causes more problems for her then she would like, bringing back memories she would like to forget. Carter wants to be able to feel at home. Even though he has an apartment and a friend who would do anything for him. He shuts himself out from the world because of his PTSD, fearing someone is going to treat him like his step mother did. When Ahliyah and Carter cross paths, they both learn the understanding of true friendship and love, while moving through their trauma together.

Naashia_Bailey · Teen
Not enough ratings