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I Don't Wanna Live My Second Life [REMOVED]


Yoyo5000 · Historical Romance
Not enough ratings

The Life Of The Former Spider Queen

I'll update this story when I can and I'll try to be consistent with updates. But anyways this is a story about the spider queen who woke up in a strange land without any explanations. She's experienced more things that you can imagine, but none like this. So follow along for the many things to come for the spider queen. p.s. If I don't update it's probably because I'm looking for inspiration, distracted by school, or sick

SpiderChan · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

The Purpose of the Demon Queen

Atasha Luciena Evildoom, the Demon Queen, dreamt of becoming a mother. When she married the Demon King, her heart filled with hope to have a large and happy family. As fate cruelly plays their lives, foolish humans invaded the demon realm and killed every people she loved including her husband and her children. Atasha falls into despair and left the demon realm as she wanders aimlessly. As Atasha wanders around the world, a fateful encounter was determined where she met two lost children. This is the story of a woman, who lost everything she built but found new purpose in life.

Sirona_sama · Fantasy
Not enough ratings