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Arranged Marriage? If He's Handsome, Why Not?

Arranged Marriage? If He's Handsome, Why Not?

Meet Lara Vargas a rich girl living in City Z with her parents being one of the richest families in the city. She was enjoying a life being spoiled by her parents, her older sister and even her grandparents, who were said to be the biggest tyrants in her family! So imagine her surprise when her parents announce that she is getting married to the eldest son of the heir of IOT corporation that was the biggest family in the the whole country! She was shocked that she was getting married before her sister. But is that man serious about marrying her!? The richest corporation... The only thing in her brain is the publicity they would get would be amazing for her company. She doesn't mind who she marries but she must check out how he looks-- Ahem how well mannered he is. She didn't want some random guy destroying her reputation. She was just going to take a look at him, for her family, if he was exactly like the rumors. Needless to say once she saw (stalked) him she was no longer worried about her family's reputation. After they get married her husband is super sweet and handsome... As if! He is the coldest man on earth. Colder than ice but why is he sometimes warm towards her? And why is it only when he is drunk? *Scene* "James~ Today I cooked the food for dinner. I knew that today you would have an important meeting with your investors so I cooked something soothing." "Hm. But why does it smell like alcohol?" "Oh... I-I made some french cuisine. You know how they add wine to everything right? I was I bit suspicious about adding alcohol but you don't mind, right?" That night Lara regretted putting in so much alcohol in the food. In the end That idiot James passed out before anything happened. ---- I don't own the cover picture I got it from google images.

DaisyLo ยท Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings