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The pursuit of desire

3 boys turned men on their journey to finding happiness and achieving their truest desire. But will their pursuit of this happiness distort them or will they stay true to their convictions? Follow Mohamad on his journey trying to become the worlds greatest magician while attempting to stay on the straight and narrow ( This is book one of 3, each one will follow one of the 3 MCs POV in this story)

Outofcontrolmoe · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Age of Blood and Enchantment

"Most striking about the room was the many dolls that sat on perches. Some were inhuman, with deer-like bodies. Some were human, with different outfits and red lips. The one on her bed stood out the most. The honey-brown skin was stark against a billowing iridescent gown. All the dolls had one thing that made them so unnaturally beautiful. Their eyes. Their eyes were so human-like, it was hard to believe they were dolls. Helena could have sworn she’s seen the dolls blink."

Orinorishi69 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings