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moonlight academy: journey to the ruler's cup

Mariah Christina Santoval is living her normal teenager life , she was naïve from her truth and just loved living her normal and peaceful life but fate interfere and and her world cramble in an instant as she saw her mother laying in ground full of blood as strange things keeps on happening and then she met the people who will help her cope up with the world and maybe help her find her true identity the her mother risk its life just to protect . and so she must live as she was the curse child. And now she was living in an alternate universe where power exist. And the school she was staying has something that made the girl’s goal. And that is to have the ruler’s cup. A mithycal antic that give life and power. And the only way to have that cup is to defeat the ‘tsuki’ and be in the top 5. But the question is the tsuki really her enemy or was it the people that made her feel love? Or is there someone greater and more powerful that wants her dead or alive?. "she was neither the sun nor the moon. and yet she has the heat like the sun and the coldness of the moon ,she was born with a curse . the curse of the moon child . a curse that can be life or death , creation and destruction so we must pray that her power shall be enough of this world as she was the curse child of luna and alphan . the fruit of the forbidden love”

Axl_Rubio · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings