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The Blue Pearl

The Blue Pearl

A desolate village in the mountains was invaded by a monster of the night. It was a creature of ash and rot that nearly devoured the entire village. But the survivors ran and hid in an ancient enigmatic temple whose confines the monster could not touch. For a month they lived in the temple. In the days they would forage the ruins of the village for scraps and in the nights they would cower inside the cold walls of the temple. But they were still dying. One by one, two by two and sometimes even three by three. When the monster came, it was not alone. It brought something with it that was slow but could pervade the temple’s protection. A plague. And at the end of the month, after more than half of the survivors were gone, only thirty one of them remained. But before they were all sucked within the plague, two Liaisons of Blue Pearl came. Agents of the Greatest hero of Sharak, the greatest guild in the whole realm of Faeraq Mae. They killed the monster the next day. And then, everything went wrong. ***This story contains gory and mature scenes.*** *Book 1 of the In the Shadow of a Storm series* Releasing 1 chapter per day.

ElsbroSparka · Fantasy