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The World of Cards

Our story follows Arne, a boy with fairly simple beginnings and his discovery of power and the wonderful World of Cards. He is born in a small village in the Kingdom of Swords, to a loving family, and from there he works his way up with the goal of becoming the master of all cards. From the almighty Major Arcana (Tarot), the unique Minor Arcana (like playing cards), to the Beast and Weapon cards. To become the true master of all cards, he must monopolize them all! (this will have death and stuff, maybe betrayals, I'll find out as I go). There is also a parallel story that intertwines with the main plotline. I'm a new writer, so give me lots of ideas, and let me know if there are grammar problems that are major. Drop some power stones if you feel like it, I plan to write 400+ chaps anyway. Discord Server: https://discord.gg/cr4yqX3m3k

TheWoodsman · Fantasy

The Fourth Life of the Black Sovereign

Euka has lived three lifetimes. After the death of her third lifetime, she never thought she get to live a fourth lifetime on a parallel world of her first lifetime! Living her new life as Li Xueyue, she decided to live her life differently and maybe finally achieve a peaceful life and a happy ending. But not everything goes into plan, especially when allies and enemies alike from her previous lifetimes suddenly show up in her current life. She has no other choice but to fight to protect those around her. It definitely did not help when the apocalypse suddenly came. Some animals and humans mutated to become monsters, and rifts appeared all over the world where monsters from a ruined world come pouring out. There were a few lucky ones who awakened with powers to fight and survive. Xueyue and her friends strive to survive, uncover the reason of the world's change, and maybe, Xueyue can finally get her vengeance on those that wronged her in the past. Will they succeed? *** A/N: Updates are once a week (every Saturdays at 00:00 GMT+8) until further notice. *wink* This is an original fiction story. Although a few elements may seem familiar, it is still a fact that the events in this story came from the author's imagination. Also, I welcome honest and helpful reviews. P.S. Cover is made from Canva. Xoxo, Bai_Wu_Yue

Bai_Wu_Yue · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Psychic Sword

I control everything within my palm, but one thing always walks out of it. A sword is in my hands, but I can't catch it. Earth gets mutated, everything changes, superpowers are born. A collision between Superheroes and Super-Villains, in this new earth, I was born with a unique yet weak superpower. But I had just more than a mere superpower, I had a sword, a sword that accompanied me forever. 100 PS- 1 extra chapter 500 PS- 2 extra chapters 1000 PS- 3 extra chapters

One_Sword · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

The endless tower

This is a world we’re every race is transported into a tower the main Character has a system but so does everyone als he only has one difference he won’t die ever time he dies he’s born a new

Skavenger · Fantasy
Not enough ratings