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Draconic Sovereign

Akira, a 17 year old boy is reincarnated into a new world of magic and dragons by a Demon to fight the great war against the Heavens! Join him as he embarks on a journey to get stronger, and on the way make new friends, encounter enemies, and explore the world in which Monsters, Beasts, and Humans Reside in! Extra info : Book length : 1000+ chapters Chapter Length : 2000-5000 words per chapter. Genres : Male/Female Lead (Gender bender), Harem, Supernatural, Eastern Fantasy, Reincarnation, R-18, System, Romance, Non-human females/Monster Girls, Ecchi, . . . . . . . . . . (If you have any suggestions/critiques make sure to tell me through the comments or a review! Reviews would be greatly appreciated!)

Lorenzo_Ben · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

StarForce Gemini (or it's all the same today)

THE SETTING: A new solar system. Three suns orbited by dozens of planets, in turn circled by over a hundred moons. A piece of spacetime where the Goldilocks Zone never ends. Urth is long ago abandoned, lost to the Blaze. Today is the legend of tomorrow. Evolutionary plagues burn through the new interplanetary cultures. Wars dislodge our faith in each other. Dark Ages caused by both render our true place in time unknowable. Some worlds have one world governments but there exists only one multi-planet force in the universe: the Empire of Roma. Lead by their corrupt Senate, the Romans continue to spread throughout the outer orbits. It's your classic SciFi Fantasy, featuring all the heavy handed themes: racism, sexuality, existential dread. Order NOW and you'll receive a FREE expansionist hive mind! SONG: We'll Meet Again, Vera Lynn

SolSingularity · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings