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BASINGR: Rise Of The Tyrant Emperor

It was a massacre. From the start, they were already doomed. Unlike the other monolith gates that opened to the world of the monsters, this monolith opened the gate to hell and the devils were waiting for them on the other side. Eight hundred people went inside the gate like lambs going into a slaughterhouse. Levi sat in the middle of his comrades' corpses — his headless comrade's corpses. Thick, fresh, red blood and bits of flesh covered his whole body. His black hair was matted to his head from the blood. He stared blankly at the surreal scene in front of him. The devils were bashing scalped human heads into a bed of jagged rocks, cracking the skulls open and slurping the brains. Thuck! Thuck! Crack! Slurrrrppph! Their bloodied claw-like hands cradled those cracked human heads carefully like some delicacies. Some of them chewed the eyeballs noisily. Thuck! Crack! Sluurrrrppph! These devils were two metres tall, there's no way Levi could tackle one of these monstrous creatures, let one fight ten of them at the same time. He was only a porter in this expedition, not a soldier. With dark greenish skin that had small spikes all over their shoulders, wide large mouth and rows of long sharp teeth, these creatures could kill his entire team in under one minute. They wore skull-like ivory helmets that covered half of their face, thick sharp elk like horns were adorning those helmets. Some of them even wore armors. Thuck! Thuck! Chew! Chew! Chew! The smell of blood was nauseating but Levi couldn't move from his place anyway, if he moved just a little, the clicking sound from his exoskeleton armor would attract those devils instantly. But he would die if he didn't run away. For the first time in his life, Levi realized how weak humans really were, and how frighteningly easy it was to lose the life he barely grasped. *** Basingr, the tyrant Emperor of Volkarians, met his end after his own people betrayed him. Filled with hatred and resentment, part of his soul was trapped in his ring and his prized severus sword that he threw away before he took his last breath. He swore he would be back and had his revenge. He did go back, just not in the situation he expected. *** When Levi ran from the Volkarians he knew that's the end of his life. But Levi got a second chance he didn't expect. Together they would bring a change to both worlds. Either destruction or salvation, we didn't know yet. *All Hail Basingr!*

Galaciel · Fantasy
Not enough ratings