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Purpose of Life

First Person Perspective Story. A boy , 16 years old, lazy, poor but observant , has lived his Life with no dreams and no plans for future till now. Gradually, he realizes it’s time to take his Life seriously and earn some Money so he can get Lazy when he is old.

Light_Panda · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings

King's System

Drake was once a prince but unfortunately he was ousted from the kingdom. His parents, who were former queens and kings, died. That is why his uncle snatched from him the throne that his parents had bequeathed to him, and he was expelled from the kingdom. Drake promises himself that one day he will take back the kingdom from his uncle. While he was digging for his father's belongings he discovered a book, entitled King's System. When he opened it, it released an aura that immediately entered his body.

Kuya_A · Video Games
Not enough ratings