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Magic and Martial War God

Privilege Cost- 1 coin, just one coin guys Humanity was coexisting with monsters, a young warrior walked out of Antarctica, with magic in his left, martial in his right, and sword in the middle; cough, cough; with a sword in his hands, he slaughtered his enemies and recreates the glory of the Supreme Sword Sect. He is the one who inherited the power of Supreme Dao, he is the one who holds the sword that slays gods and demons, he is the one who controls Eight Extremes and Single Chaos. But what is he in reality? Was he chosen by heaven or his fate is related to someone else, all of these mysteries lead him out of his universe. What does he want to find? What will he find? Why did all of those Supreme Treasures choose him? Whose inheritance has he been inherited till? Was he the only one with such fate, or there is someone other peoples? Let's find out the truth with adventures, action, magic, martial art, dao, sect development, little here and there, to finally reach the end. **** I don't know how many of you are going to love this, but if you do, then don't forget to support me with power stones. Rank 200- double of normal release update for a week (daily) Rank 100- double of normal release update for a month (daily) Rank 50- double of the normal release update forever (daily) (Note: The cover isn't mine, if the true creator wants me to remove it, you can go inform me) Also, if you want to learn much more about Magic Arts, Martial Arts, Bloodlines, and Daos, you can consider joining my discord :https://discord.gg/g9VUbAQ3 Disclaimer: Cover is not my creation, if a true creator wants to remove it, he can contact me through discord.

Sabin_Subedi_Fei ยท Fantasy