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Reborn: Never Again

(ON HIATUS) A heartbreaking betrayal from her bestfriend and fiance, who conned her out of everything, murdered her grandfather, sent her brother to prison for crimes he didn't commit and then drove her to the edge of a cliff side by the ocean. Though bleeding profusely from being shot. She would not allow them to have the satisfactory with finishing her, so with all the strength she could muster up, she jumped from the cliff. Upon reaching the water, she felt as if all her bones had shatter from the impact, before succumbing to death, she swore if she could do it all over again she wouldn't be so naive, she would protect her family so they can be happy. She was not expecting to awaken in a hospital 5 years before when she was just 16 years old. Having just been reborn, she just wants to protect her family and prevent her past lives events from happening again, she has no care for revenge as long as you don't cross her bottom line. Despite her naivety with love before, she doesn't completely close herself to love and a certain sinfully handsome buisness tycoon wouldn't allow it if she did. *I would just like to let everyone know that I am new at this and started with one idea how I wanted things to proceed, but changed my mind. I will try to update the summary better, the main character, Serenity, has a very laid back, cold, kind of personality, but with people she is closed too, she can behave a little childish. She doesn't as much care for revenge as she just wants to be happy and protect her family this time around. It's basically your cliche romance kind of novel with hopefully some unique twists and turns to keep you interested! ****PLEASE keep in mind this is just something I write when I have free time, I am a full time student and work full time as well, so everyday chapters are not easy, sometimes its once a week.******

ConveyingCaity ยท Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings