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The Rise of the Spider Goddess

There is going to be no major summary as of the moment. The story will mostly be about the main character Luna and her adventure starting off as a small spider that will eventually become a top of the class goddess, although that will be much later in the story. I am going to be making each chapter have a length of 1,500 words to 3,000 *Note: I will be going back and editing chapters constantly to fix grammar errors/ add things I forgot to put/ or I decide to change part of the chapter. Also I will be thoroughly editing the already released chapters before making a new chapter just a heads up. *Note: I will try for at least one chapter per week. I will be releasing chapters on the weekend since I still have a life. My time zone is United States/Canada Mountain Time Zone. *Note: There will be curse words in this story and they will not be censored. *Note: This is my first work so don’t expect it to be a perfect read. *Note: Any reference made to other works or characters are owned by their respective owners and are not owned by me. *Note: I am not really great at writing to begin with so don’t expect there to be a lot of detailed romance in the story.

Xenoveia · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings


Being a child who grew up with reading and watching about fantasy, it isn't that  much of a surprise that Alina is known for being odd. Despite that, she have many friends and can easily befriend any stranger, or perhaps, that's also part of her odd qualities. A fact is known, she have six other friends to make them a squad that consists of seven people. It was naive of Caizer and the others to think that Alina is satisfied with the way they were all living their life. That's the first thing Caizer thought as they woke up to an almost-replica of the world they grew up to, if you ignore the fact that most of the population have abilities that are considered magic and fantasy in theirs. A modern world with magic? Just what did Caizer do in his past life that they were thrown into this kind of predicament?

Sternprinzessin · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

The Lost Spirit Summoner

[Mature content] There is strong language (swearing), criminal acts and mention/implication, violence and gore, along with mentions/retelling of and acts of abuse in the story. You have been warned. _____________________________________________________________________ Arcin Rina Lynch seemed to be living a fairly good life, her boyfriend was about to take over his father's company, and she was working as a graphic designer (part-time) which was something she wanted to do since she was a kid, and had no major issue with her high-class family at the time either. That all changed when her boyfriend suddenly broke up with her for no reason what follows is a fight with her step-mother. She chooses to get away from it all to try and get her emotions in check. However, she's got little time for that as one thing leads to another and now Arcin is in the magic-filled world of Medeis due to the god-like being Animus, hurt and with no clue how to return home. Follow Arcin as she explores Medeis doing as Animus asks in the hope to find a way to return. But as time goes on and more questions than answers appear, what is the reason this all began? What is the reason that the corrupt beings are after her? Will everything be said and done when she returns to Terra or will more await her? In the end, will she really want to return to the world of Terra after it is all said and done and never return? ________________________________________________________________________ Unable to use his magic he was trapped and sure that he was about to die he had no way to fend of the beasts and humans that made their way towards him. He closed his eyes not wanting to see the moment before death claimed him. 'Damn it if only I could have-' his thoughts were cut off by the sudden human scream in front of him. He opened his eyes in surprise to see a dark cloaked figure with a familiar fox mask that had a unique tattoo on their wrist. A being he met sometime before this, cut down beast and human alike with her staff weapon. Blood flew and sprayed the ground from both the group in front of him and the being that stood in front of him... protecting him. The being made quick work of the group in front of them (which was a group of 7). "Ha if they think that making me unable to cast any form of magic would put me at a disadvantage they are wrong this is nothing compared to when bullets are flying in a fight. I only broke a light sweat." The being laughed in a pleased tone before turning around. He quickly closed his eyes he could hear the figure get closer to him. "'Sigh'... you idiot I told you that you should a least carry a dragger. You managed to get dragged into this and you almost died cause you rely too much on your magic." The being sighed before touching his cheek lightly. "Luckily it seems he's only unconscious as he's breathing. I almost didn't make it in time... I'm sorry." The being muttered before lightly kissing them on the cheek healing the light injury on his face.

Arcin_Enroth · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings