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Re: Heroes X Marvel X DC

Re: Heroes X Marvel X DC

Young student bumming out with friends after watching Heroes TV series and was supposed to be magically summoned in Another world but was obviously got isekai’d. Upon waking up in the new world he got kicked into, he discovers the reason this universe was abandoned by ROB (Random Omniscient Beings). Follow his adventure to dominance, and his search of his friends from his past life. Disclaimer: I do not own all Marvel, Anime/Manga, DC, film and other novel or bookcharacters. As I will make sure of following the “Fair use” clause of copyright. Book Cover Illustration by Ekita Kuro taken from Pinterest (https://www.pinterest.com/pin/690669292831167559/) Why do this? -Rewritten Fan fiction novel from webnovels Heroes X Marvel X DC -Had a power stone, statistics issue from the Inkstone of Webnovel in the previous account. Moslty uploads on: https://reheroesxdcxmarvel.wordpress.com/index/

WayneSteine · Fantasy
Born Again

Born Again

Tania is an only child born to parents of Russian and Indian origin. She has lived her entire life in Russia. After the demise of her parents in a car accident, she is left all alone in a huge house. Her paternal and maternal grandparents want to take her into their fold and plan to come to Moscow to convince her to join them in India or Ukraine. Since her childhood, she had been having these recurring dreams in which she sees herself visiting certain temples and forts. These dreams feel so real. The doctors she visits in Moscow are not able to figure out what is wrong with her. On the contrary, they tell her that she has a vivid imagination. Tania decides to search for a reply herself and reads a book on dreams as well as a few volumes on 'Past Life Regression'. The day her relatives arrive from India and Ukraine, she, in her dream, travels to India and meets her past self. Tania's past self had another name. Her name was Sanya and she had lived centuries ago as a princess of Kalibangan during the Indus Valley Civilisation. Sanya tells Tania of a plot to kill her in the present life. A plot had been hatched in her past life too. At that time her brother, mother and father had been murdered. Who was the murderer in the past and what connection does he have with her in the present life? Please read on to know more. Folks, this is not a Fantasy Romance novel. Unfortunately, the genre for female lead novels gives the term Fantasy Romance only. There is no choice. Maybe I will add a Romance angle at the end. I am publishing 1 chapters a week as I need to do a bit of research for the chapters.

RenuKakkar · Fantasy Romance