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Falling in Love With You All Over Again

Falling in Love With You All Over Again

EDITING ! PLEASE DO NOT READ Discord ID: ssfx3yuchens#0527 WhatsApp: +18507571234 Plot: "Ruolan, men can be monsters. It's best that you admit what you are up to, before...goodness knows what happens to you." He pronounced each word coldly, and it felt like ice pricks stabbing directly into her heart. ..... Orphaned since young, Qiao Ruo has never known a parent's love. Her life almost falls apart when she is bullied at work in the busy city A, and with her career on the line, she pursues adopted mysterious heir Cree Ye for her scoop. The cold and mysterious Cree, on the other hand, turns to be hiding a secret all along... But why is her heart beating so hard whenever he stares at her? ..... Read along with my story to know what happens to Qiao Ruo as she sets on a journey to find her true destiny, but is her destiny what she wanted in the first place? [Volume 1: First Love] Qiao Ruo believes her struggles in City A is about to come an end when Cree Ye asks her to become his girlfriend. But things don't go as planned and the couple falls prey to his mother's evil schemes. Rescued by a man who claims to know her by the name of Xia Xinyuan, will Qiao Ruo ever recover from her pain? [Volume 2: Reunion] Now with a different identity and career, Qiao Ruo has been living a comfortable life in City N, but when she is carried away by a stranger one day, she realises that side of her which still loves Cree. Will she ever find the courage to fall in love again? [Volume 3: Unexpected Arrangement] coming soon!! An epidemic threatens Qiao Ruo's career as an actress, which is already dwindling due to her unpopularity. But the appearance of a rival in love and another family member causes her to reconsider her choice to leave her former life. [Volume 4: Starting All Over Again] coming soon!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Disclaimer: The female protagonist, Qiao Ruo is a woman whose parents hold a dark and complicated secret. She is not your average goody-two shoes protagonist, and adapts very quickly to her new identity. She will also have her new family on her side to help her with her journey. There will be no rape or cheating in this story.

ssfx3yuchens · Contemporary Romance
The Princess of Falling Stars

The Princess of Falling Stars

Maeve have decided to run away from the limelight. However, her plans have changed when she met Louis, who have turned her world with a princely twist.

MayangTala · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings