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The Love Alarm

Wang Yi Bo had been loving Xiao Zhan for a long time who was a senior student in H University.But, Xiao Zhan was head over heels over his close friend Meng Ziyi , Wang Yi Bo's cousin sister. However Meng Ziyi didn't love Wei Wuxian in a romantic way but as a friend and a brother. She knew how his little cousin felt towards Xiao Zhan from the very first time she introduced them to each other. So she tried every way to keep his lovesick cousin close with Xiao Zhan. ******* One day, a party was hosted at Wang Yi Bo's family grand villa. Xiao Zhan, too, came to the party since he was invited by Meng Ziyi. But he was heartbroken when she introduced her so called secret boyfriend to him.He drank wine till he couldn't stand properly and accidentally fell down in the swimming pool. Everything became blurred after that but he heard someone crying, calling his name repeatedly . He tried to reach out his hands to the person calling him but something dragged him down, deep down. Much to his surprise, beyond his imagination, he woke up being the Cold Prince's lover of an ancient Chinese empire's great kingdom and more than that , the thing that made him almost had heart attack was that the cold prince was none other than Yi Bo whom he regarded as his little brother and moreover he was a ger, a male who could give birth to a child.

Mikky_huang_1998 ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings