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How I Met My Future Husband

How I Met My Future Husband

A girl named Wan Yu, her family had to move to a new place because her dad got a new job. A few years later she enters high school she really hates the popular boys and the mean girls but as she going to her classes she realizes that all of her classes are with a popular boy named Xaing. One day as she was going home she got a call that her mom that their house was on fire. Her dad got a call from his long, lost best friend is willing to let the Wan family live with his family, when they got there Yu realizes that she will be living with the person she hates the most, it's Xiang. Wan Yu (the main character) Chen Xaing (the main character) Chen Ai (Main/support character but she comes later) Wen Ming (support character) Wang sun (support character) Chen Jing (support character) Wan Li (support character) Min Zhe (support character) Qing Lai (support character) I hope you enjoy my story, this is my first ever story so sorry if I make any mistakes.

Angela_Xiong ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings