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The Crime System

Living alone is hard for Helen, a 15 year old middleschool orphan student. With her part time job she can get by, but what Helen really wants is to be free from her boring life - and to have more money than she can spend! She's tired of the young masters and princesses at school bragging about their parents' money - she wants to brag too! With an unexpected knock on her door, change has come, but is Helen going to be safe with her new life and new... system? Things are going to change fast now that she's on the run, and her morally bankrupt system is pushing her deeper and deeper down a dark path to the riches she's always wanted - just where will it stop? Join Helen as she enters the world outside of the light and discovers that things aren't always as they seem! This is my first extended-length novel, so please let me know what you think!

Aliera ยท Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings