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The Tyrant Gentle Husband

The Tyrant Gentle Husband

Elena never knew the world that she lived in was a novel world. Elena is a villainess in the novel "Ceo's Moonlight," and Elena's character aims to help the male lead get along with the heroine. Elena didn't bully the female lead like any other villainess, but her existence as the male lead's wife made the female lead realized her foolishness and made her come back to the male lead. Elena has been married to Luke Vander, the male lead, for three years, but Luke never acknowledged her as his legal wife at all and kept their marriage in the dark. Luke Vander ignored Elena's existence and left her alone in this marriage. Then Luke Vander got an accident and was in a coma. In the real novel, Luke would wake up after one year in a coma and divorced his legal wife and got married to Miona Jeremy, the female lead. But everything changed when Elena also got an accident and made her lost consciousness for three days. After Luke woke up, he loves Elena instead of the female lead. Will Elena accept Luke Vander back? Or Will she choose to leave him?

Hana_Frederica · Contemporary Romance
Just Sign The Dotted Line

Just Sign The Dotted Line

Tye is born to the son of a somewhat influential loan shark and has a useless contract power in a world of powers. After two years of using it Tye's power finally evolves and he can now list anything he wants as the price for breaking the contract as long as the other person agrees aaaand, if one of the parties breaks the contract they will have to pay the price. So of course Tye takes the family goons to find debtors with weak powers that he can stack to godhood. As the family business grows Tye runs into a pathetic father who offers up his child's ability to dull or stregthen emotions. Tye takes the power and is about to walk off when he hears the girl swear vengance he turns only to see the girl looking furious in a way that scares Tye before he then realized why even if this was a world of superpowes cultivation was still a thing and in this pseudo cultivation world he had found the MC. Tye then makes an executive decision and gives the MC her power back and convinces her to join him as a minion. Tye was happy with his super deluxe MC this doesn't last long as Tye finds out that this new world has the ability to jump dimensions which seems nice only for Tye to find out the law of plot convenience. Which meant as long as he had one MC more would gather and not all MC were Lawful Good. That was fine that just meant more extra high quality minion's for Tye. Wait what are you doing don't mutate that into a world eating monster. Hey Jack you can't fight a god of war stop spitting in his face. Yes poisoning an entire city for a pretty flower is wrong. Hey you can't make a puppet out of that dead baby it's just weird and creepy. No you can't use holy fire to heal someone just because it says holy doesn't mean it heals it's still fire. No Lee we can't stop to hug the bunnies you know Jack is allergic. Amber I swear to the gods if you don't walk through the door like a normal person I will drown you in sand.

Belator · Fantasy
Not enough ratings