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Lan Xichen and the Two-Faced Scoundrel (Fanfiction)

Orphaned at a young age Lan Xichen from early on had to fend for himself and look after his brother Lan Wanji the two jade of Gusu Lan sect were inseparable until one day a man by the name Jin Guangyao walks into their lives and becomes Lan Xichen's sworn brother. Betraying the trust of Lan Xichen this led to the cruel death of Jin Guangyao whose passing was akin to that of a dog. Reborn years after, Jin Guangyao has no recollection of his past life as the lover of Lan Xichen and scoundrel of the cultivation world. ------- Grandmaster of demonic cultivation fanfic Cover is not mine.

Hanaelyn · Eastern Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Nine-Petalled Lotus

XICHENG FANFICTION (AU) "Take care of the lotus and I'll grant you three wishes." An alternate universe wherein a Prince from the Lan Kingdom visits the beautiful ruins of the fallen Jiang Kingdom, finds a beautiful lotus, meets a mysterious man and gets his wishes granted. "Stay with me." "That, I can't grant." *First chapters might be boring. My apologies.

99_Excaliburs · Fantasy
Not enough ratings