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"WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU" I heard vic asking me but i didn't dare to look at him , his voice itself told how incensed he was and I stayed silent "GRACE ANSWER HIS QUESTION " Aaron spoke with gritted teeth and I knew he was at the end of his rope ... I gulped audibly , sweat beads were forming on my forehead even in this season ...my palms were sweaty ..i could die out of fear right now "I went to h-have s-some f-fresh a-air , I- I was in t-the g-garden" I lied and the next moment the chris hovered me with his tower like frame "I.DARE.YOU.TO.FUCKING.LIE.AGAIN.I.DARE.YOU" christian yelled at my face increasing the grip on my hairs ********************************************************************************************** GRACE FORBES an 18 year old carefree , innocent human girl's life turns upside down when her parents gets killed by some mysterious people...while on the run to save her life she bumps into the three hybrid kings who are non identical triplets and she is their destined mate ....their soulmate ............but the question is will they break her more or mend or protect her from all the evil chasing after her will she ever be able to accept them can her mates save her from her past who is slowly crawling in her present or THE EVIL WINS YET AGAIN join the journey of grace's eternal love to know what happens

frozen_within ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings